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last icon maker standing, BtVS style

Buffy the Vampire Slayer LIMS
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A LIMS focusing on the series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

This a last icon maker standing community dedicated to the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You'll find challenges here dedicated to the characters, actors, and/or episodes of the show. The point of this community is to sign up and to participate in a series of challenges. Every week you will vote off an icon(s) that you felt was the most least quality compared to the rest of the entries and they will no longer be in the running for the best icon maker. Eventually we will have a winner and they will be the Last Icon Maker Standing!

how this all works.
- In order to be able to join the fun, you must sign up here. [Round #13 is currently in progress.]
- Join and/or watch the community to keep up with posts.
- Make sure you read the rules of the challenge. I'll be providing you with a photo(s) (usually) and you can do whatever you want to that photo(s) (textures, brushes, text, etc.). Round #13 will focus on the characters of Buffy.
- When you submit you must submit the image url & the image itself (< img src="yourimageurl" > but put the spaces back in between the brackets).
- I understand life gets in the way so you get one skip automatically. Please let me know if you have to use the skip. Make sure you read the rules of the challenges because I usually don't allow skips after a certain # of challenges.
- Post your own work, do not recycle icons, do not use pre-made bases/graphics, and do not share the icon until after voting is over & the winners are posted.

please note that this schedule may change due to real life or from the need to extend challenges.
Icons are due late Saturday
Voting from early Sunday hours until Monday evening
Monday evening - new challenge posted

past winners.
Round #1 / hermionesparkle
Round #2 / imaginary_lives
Round #3 / longerthanwedo
Round #4 / darlaslilgirl
Round #5 / sourpony
Round #6 / dance_the_dance
Round #7 / dance_the_dance
Round #8 / dance_the_dance
Round #9 / lukecanwaltz88
Round #10 / crazycordy
Round #11 / neatmonster
Round #12 / scarred_loretta
Round #13 / timet0begin

- Layout & profile coding provided by minty_peach. Header image made by hermionesparkle