Jamie (hermionesparkle) wrote in lims_btvs,

Round #13 - Challenge #5

Back at it again. Only four participants left!

Challenge #5's character is Spike.

Click on the thumbnail to make the image the original size.

Here is how it goes down:
- You must use at LEAST one of the caps provided. You may blend with other caps but the caps can only contain Spike.
- Your icon is due Saturday, June 24th at 11 PM ET. My current time.
- You may only participate if you are signed up for round #13 & not eliminated thus far.
- If you need to use your skip, let me know. This challenge is the last one that you will be able to use it.
- Follow the LJ standards while making your icons (not over 40k, 100x100 pixels, etc).
- Animation is allowed.
- Do not share your icon until the results have been posted.
- Only 1 icon may be submitted. It must be newly made for this challenge. No recycling icons or pre-made bases.
- To enter, comment to this entry with both the image and the image url.

Entered -
scarred_loretta (1)
timet0begin (1)
tinnny (2)
double_dutchess (2)

Needs to enter -

Tags: challenge5, round13

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