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Round #13 - Challenge #06 [final] - Results

VERY close voting! I ended up having to break one of the ties since voting had be posted long enough. Thank you to all who participated in any way that you did this round! I am not sure if I will do another round since they wasn't a lot of participation, sadly. I enjoy running this community as it's my last one that I have open still so please let me know if you are interested in me doing another round.

Also banners will be posted at some point.

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Round #13 - Final - Challenge #06 - Voting

Gorgeous icons for this final round, it will be a tough vote! Voting will (hopefully) end this Wednesday.

- Since this is the final challenge, you will be voting for one favorite icon per set!
- Reasons are optional but you are welcome to say why you feel it's the best quality icon!
- Keep your icon identity hidden until after the results are posted. Do not get anyone to vote for you. If you entered, do not vote!!!.
- The comments are screened.
- Voting will be open until Wednesday (12th) Saturday (15th) at around 11 PM ET.

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Voting reminder - Tie help!!

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry that I dropped the ball here!! Life has been rather nuts this week and I apologize for not putting up the results for challenge #5 yet. I just tallied the votes and there is a tie between 2 icons and even with the tiebreaker, it's still a tie. *sigh*

So if you haven't already, please go vote!!!

I will check in and see if the tie has broken by the time I get off of work tomorrow night. The final challenge will be posted once this tie is broken. Thank you for your patience!
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Round #13 - Challenge #5 - Voting

Everyone entered so I can put up voting a little bit early. Thanks so much everyone!

- Vote for 1 icon of the least quality. Reasons such as 'I don't like' or 'It's too plain' are not allowed. Actually think about why you are voting out the icon. If the icon is too plain, why is that bad thing? What could have been done to improve the icon?
- Also vote for 1 icon that you feel is the best quality. The reason for this one is optional but encouraged.
- Keep your icon identity hidden until after the results are posted. Do not vote for yourself or get anyone to vote for you.
- You do not have to be a participant to vote (the more the merrier!).
- Positive votes do not take away from the amount of negative votes. This will change in the event of a tie.
- One person will be eliminated as the result of the voting.
- The comments are screened.
- If you entered and do not vote then you will not be eligible for Community's Choice.
- Voting will be open until Monday at around 11 PM ET [June 26th].

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