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06 February 2017 @ 11:54 pm
Round #12 - Challenge #9  
Skips are no longer allowed. This challenge will determine who the final 3 are.

Challenge #9's theme is 'One Word'.

Your icon needs to have one word on it. A name does not count as a word. The word needs to be added by you, not via a text brush. Tiny text is fine in addition to the one word but you shouldn't be able to read the tiny text's words.


sucksucksmile | unknown | unknown | crazycordy

Link to caps/screencap galleries: http://lims-btvs.livejournal.com/109386.html

Here's how it goes down:
-Your icon must fit the theme, One Word.
-You may use any screencaps you wish to but they must be from Buffy only, no crossovers! A cap inspiration post is here to help you with caps/links to other caps.
-Your icon is due Saturday, February 11th at 11 PM ET. My current time.
-You may only participate if you are signed up for round #12 & not eliminated thus far.
-Follow the LJ standards while making your icons (not over 40k, 100x100 pixels, etc). Animation is allowed.
-Only 1 icon may be submitted. It must be newly made for this challenge. No recycling icons or pre-made bases.
-Do not share your icon until the results have been posted.
-If you need to use your skip, let me know. - no longer allowed. No entry = out of the round.
-To enter comment to this entry with both the image and the image url.

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Needs to enter:

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